Like Your Feet are Wrapped in Clouds

We've constructed our footwear with comfort in mind. The natural properties of wool make it so that your feet will stay cosy no matter the temperature, whether you're using our warm sheepskin lining or thick wool-padded inserts. No more dealing with uncomfortable, constricting socks or slippers. You'll drift off to sleep in no time.

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  • Space

    Nobody wants restrictive material around their feet during sleep. We ensure that your feet have plenty of space, so that your toes feel free and comfortable.

  • Interchangeability

    Our footwear have removable internal inserts. You can swap inserts and wash them separately for added convenience.

  • Natural Materials

    Every product contains 100% New Zealand wool padding. We also use ethically sourced sheepskin, merino wool, and 100% cotton fabrics.

The Best Materials for a Better Night's Sleep

Wool is a great choice for sleep products thanks to its remarkable insulation properties. It effectively regulates temperature, providing a cooling effect in summer and cozy warmth in winter. Unlike synthetic materials it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in vapor. Not only does this prevent dampness, but this moisture wicking quality prevents bacteria growth, warding off odors and maintaining a consistently clean and fresh scent.

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What's Wrong with Using Traditional Socks or Slippers in the Bedroom?

The heart must pump blood further than any other part of your body to reach your feet. Because of this our feet are more prone to getting cold at night while we sleep. This is even more true for those of us without exceptional circulation. Despite this, 63% of people don't sleep with socks on, and 25% report only sleeping with them on sometimes. Traditional socks are unpleasant to wear. And slippers aren't any better. We want our feet to feel free rather than restricted. This is why our sleepwear is comfortable and fluffy; free feeling; and incorporates bedding materials chosen specifically for sleep.

Premium, Sustainable, Wool Sleep Socks made in New Zealand

Our products are all designed and made on our premises in New Zealand, from 100% New Zealand wool products and high quality 100% cotton fabrics. Not only have we imagined a new kind of sock but we've ensured that you get well-constructed, premium products that are great for you, and the planet.

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